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Grooming your cat plays a big part in caring for your pet and regular maintenance will mean your cat looks great and feels great too! As well as helping to keep your cat looking beautiful, regular cat grooming allows you to spend quality time bonding with your pet, and gives you the opportunity to check their body condition and spot any unusual s of health problems, such as lumps or bumps. Cat grooming might seem superficial, but while your cat is beautifying themselves or being brushed by you, they enjoy other benefits too:.

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Press your cat's paw gently between your finger and thumb to unsheathe the claw. Through this action of grooming you can also check their body for fleas and bumps while also strengthening the bond between you and your cat companion.

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Overtime you can gradually increase the of brush strokes and the length of time you brush your dog and extend brushing to other parts of their body. This is especially true when it comes to combs and brushes.

Getting started

If they begin to get upset or hostile, stop the grooming session and come back to it at another time. Grooming a cat from their younger years allows you to build a strong bond through physical contact, and create a shared level of trust between both of you.

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Before you begin, set aside ten or fifteen minutes for active play. Not all cats will need every type of grooming but they will all benefit from the occasional brush and tidy up.

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Outdoors For some dogs it can be easiest to bathe them outside in the backyard on the ground. One on one time via grooming allows you to be able to know your cat back to front and analyse if anything has changed about their skin or general form. Other dogs who go swimming may require less bathing as this activity can function like a bath.

When introducing your dog to bathing, do it slowly and give them plenty of praise and tasty dog food treats for being calm and tolerating the process.

When to start

Learn the benefits of grooming your best friend at home and how to keep them looking and feeling their best in between visits to the grooming salon. Also reduce the pressure being applied try lighter brushing. You can also use this time to help your cat get used to being handled. Short-haired cats can be brushed twice a week which is plentydepending on whether they are an indoor or outdoor cat.

Johnny says:. In addition to brushing, some dogs may need their hair trimmed from time to time.

Make grooming as enjoyable as possible for both of you

Teach your puppy or dog to be comfortable with handling in general, by patting and stroking different parts of their body. How cats groom themselves. Lift his paws, massaging his p and the tips of his toes. Dogs with short coats generally require less brushing and grooming compared to dogs with medium to long haired coats as these longer coats can get tangles, mats and debris trapped in them more easily.

Brushing your feline friend regularly not only removes dead hair and dirt, it also releases natural oils that keep their skin and coat healthy and shiny.

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Rinse After shampooing your dog, gently rinse out the shampoo thoroughly using your fingers to ensure that you get through the undercoat. Gently brush or comb your cat's hair, using strokes in the direction that their hair grows. Step 4: Before bath time, you can try going for a nice walk and then, after having a rest when arriving back home, you can try bath time. Read on for tips on how to keep your best friend looking ant-ready from an early age. Checking their feet and footp regularly to ensure there are no wounds or infections.

If your dog has a lot of matting, you may need to take them to your local vet who can safely remove the tight mats as they can be difficult to remove without specialised clippers. If they allow this and are calm then reward with some tasty treats.

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Maintaining a Clean Home Aside from helping your dog look and feel fabulous, grooming also helps keep your home clean! Carefully trimming that extra hair can help.

Keeping your dog’s health in check

me up. If you need to bathe your cat, get someone to help you out so it goes quickly. Brushing also helps remove dirt and tangles while spreading healthy oils throughout their coat, keeping their skin and fur healthy and getting rid of irritation.

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How often to bathe your dog will vary between each individual dog and their particular needs. When you groom your dog, make sure to pay attention to her body language so that you can make sure she is comfortable during the process. Step 4: Once your dog is comfortable with brush strokes in the direction of the hair growth you can do the occasional brush stroke in the direction opposite hair growth. Drying Your Dog While dogs will tend to instinctively shake off excess water after getting wet, you will probably also need to help them dry off with some large absorbent towels.

Praise and reward them for being calm and allowing you to handle them. Fill the sink or tub with a few inches of warm, not hot, water. Dogs tend to differ in their need for brushing because of their coat type and length and also depending on their recent activities. With a pitcher or gentle spray hose, get your cat entirely wet. It is common knowledge that most cats dislike water and would rather claw you then have a bath.

What every dog owner should know about grooming a puppy

Essentially, dogs should only be bathed when necessary. Choose a shampoo specifically deed for dogs. Hair around the chin and lower jaw trapping food or to help prevent lip and chin fold infections. If dogs are bathed too frequently this can dry out their skin and hair coat and may cause problems. A dog grooming glove is a great option for quality grooming time because it lifts excess hair while also massaging your dog for a therapeutic—and most importantly, positive—grooming experience.

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How to trim cat claws Before you do anything, check that they really need doing. Brushing also helps to distribute healthy natural skin oils over the hair shaft, promoting a shiny coat and helping dirt to slide off the hair.

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This will make your dog less likely to react when you touch them in these areas while bathing. Be aware that brushing might also tickle in some spots which could cause your dog to move, so you should try different brushing techniques until your dog is comfortable. Glands at the base of the coat are stimulated to waterproof the fur Sebum is spread evenly which helps to waterproof and protect the coat and skin In hot weather, the saliva they spread during grooming helps to keep your cat cool.

Looking good now, feeling good later

Vets usually do a routine ear check using an otoscope when doing annual health check-ups. Trim a small amount off the tip. Avoid their face, particularly their ears, eyes, and nose. The dryer should also be placed a good distance away from the dog.

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Grooming is therefore a preventative activity. In addition to brushes, you should have a starter supply of dog shampoo, toothpaste, a special toothbrush, toenail clippers, towels for drying, a set of electric clippers, and cotton balls for cleaning out her ears. This will positively reinforce the activity and help to make it a pleasant experience.

However, kitten claws are soft, so they are usually filed instead of clipped.

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Brushing should be a pleasant and comfortable experience for dogs and owners. Dogs with long droopy ears, allergies or recurrent ear infections should be monitored closely and owners should follow their vets advice. For puppies under three months old, resist the urge to use cleaning products. Removing any debris such as grass seeds and burrs around the paws. Message us. Conditioner Next, you can apply a gentle hypoallergenic dog conditioner, repeating what you did when shampooing your dog.

Some cats, particularly outdoor cats and those that are very fond of their scratching post, often take care of their own claws through general wear and tear but if your cat spends a lot of time indoors, or is elderly, they may need some help. TullamarineVIC Talk to your vet if you think your dog has an ear problem and they can check.

While you do have to be careful not to cut too close to the quick—the pink area that runs into the top of the nail, closest to the paw. The more you brush and bathe your dogthe more hair you capture in the brush or wash out during shampooing—and the less hair that will shed on your couch and rug.

How to groom your cat properly

Never hesitate to praise your cat or give them treats if they behave well during grooming. Most cats take real pride in their appearance, spending almost half their waking hours preening themselves to perfection.

Next, you can apply a gentle hypoallergenic dog conditioner, repeating what you did when shampooing your dog. As a general guide: Smooth, short-coated dogs e.

How cats groom themselves

Have you got a Question? We believe people and pets are 'Better Together'. Make sure the brushing experience is always comfortable and soothing for your dog. Policies purchased prior to 4 April may still be underwritten by Allianz Australia. Daily Care for Cats. Get him used to be handled by gently touching his coat all over, outside of your usual playtime and training. Our experts are here to help.

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The process of grooming your cat should be fun for you and for them.

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Bathing and grooming your dog will not only keep them clean and healthy, but you and your home as well.

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Read on for tips on how to keep your best friend looking ant-ready from an early age.

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Although cats are meticulous cleaners, they will still need a hand from you.

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With our increasingly busy lives, sometimes a mundane activity such as dog grooming can seem like a chore.